Daniel GauthierBorn in Longueuil in 1957, Daniel Gautier takes private painting courses in Montreal and in various studios in Europe. As a young adult, the sea fascinates him and all his travels lead him to its shores. He discovers the Magdalen Islands in 1970; it is love at first sight and he dreams of living in these magnificent Islands some day. His dream comes true in 1993. He settles in the Magdalen Islands where he opens an Atelier-Gallery to the public. Today, Daniel Gautier lives in Hudson by the lake of Two-Mountains and spends six months of the year in the Maritimes.

In the early years, Daniel Gautier's paintings are surreal and already many of his works have a reference to the sea. With the years, this passion for the sea becomes an essential part of his composition. She is always there - but through a window or in the distance, as a dream or a thought. Living in the Magdalen Islands changes that perspective. The sea in no longer far away but is a living being with whom we have to learn to live, to respect and to love - and his paintings reflect that. We are no longer distant observers but are rather with her, in the ever present nature. His work evolves into a refinement in which calm prevails and colours reflect the purity of a region where nothing hides the light.

Daniel Gautier is a painter of the sea - and year after year, his stay in the Maritimes have become true rituals that give the rhythm to all this work.